Happy November!

It’s that time of year…leaves are still falling, Halloween is over (although it’s never OVER), and Turkeys, Pilgrims and Pumpkins are right around the corner.

Hopefully- resisting those buckets of Halloween candy has been easier on you than it has on me.  It starts off innocently enough.  You tell yourself that you’ll have just one piece- so you give in and you have that one piece.  Then you tell yourself that just one more won’t hurt…so you give and have that second piece!  Before you know it, this is what happens:

one piece of candyIt is kind of funny…kind of…unless this happened to you! But if you are like me, you are now planning your next few weeks of workouts and prepping your clean eating menus!

One thing you can do is keep your child’s favorite and donate the rest.  A lot of dentists will take your candy in trade for really cool stuff!  They in turn will donate it.  You can also donate it yourself.  Check out this awesome program that donates candy to United States Military Troops.

Operation Gratitude

Don’t let that candy become a “ghost” on your hips!

Happy November!

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